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About Us

A Message from Our Founder,  Amy Hickox


In 2011, we got Biscuit, our first puppy.  He immediately became a member of our family and we fell in love with him.  Biscuit smells so good and lovable when he gets home from the groomer. We wondered, how could he smell this good all the time without us having to constantly bathe him and dry his skin?  We searched for pet products that were safe, pleasant to smell, easy to apply and convenient to use when/where needed.  Most important, we wanted a "dry" scent so it wouldn't attract more dirt on Biscuit.  This was how the idea for our product was born.

After a couple of years of work and research, we figured out how to make a single application, dry fragrance that was also pet-friendly.  AromalettesTM is the first of its kind available to pet parents like us.  It is subtle, fresh and lasts longer than most fragrance sprays.

One of the most important issues we tackled early on was to make sure that AromalettesTM would be safe to rub on pets.  We have worked with veterinarians and scientists to ensure our products meet the highest standards.  We use pure fragrance oil that is used regularly in other scented products on the market for both pets and humans.

AromalettesTM is a family owned business.  Everyone from the top down is involved - from my parents, to my brother Craig, and even our pets themselves, who sample the fragrances!  Our goal is to help other busy pet families have an easy way to refresh their pets in between grooming sessions, because everyone "nose" that smell matters!

Thanks for visiting our website.  We hope you will enjoy AromalettesTM and give us your feedback, too.

Happy scents,



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